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Strawberry Basil Shrub

Strawberry Basil Shrub

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Shrubs are concentrates made from a combination of fruit, sugar, vinegar, and herbs. Sweet and tart, the vinegar and sugar balance and temper each other to make an astonishingly good mixer! They are used to make a variety of drinks, from adding a splash to seltzer for a home made soda to adding to white wine spritzer or cocktails of all kinds. In addition to the benefit of being made with organic ingredients, the fact that you add as much as you like is a big benefit for people looking to manage or limit their sugar intake.

Strawberry Basil is one of the original lineup of shrubs, and has definitely stood the test of time! Beloved for it sweet and fruity flavor and mild vinegar taste (it is made with balsamic) this makes one great soda that even people who say they don’t like shrub will enjoy. For cocktails, add it to a margarita, daiquiri, dry cider….. the perfect summer drink.

This product Is vegan.


organic strawberries, organic sugar cane, water, organic balsamic vinegar, organic basil

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