Weathertop Farm is a small, certified organic, woman owned and operated farm in upstate NY. We grow a variety of medicinal and culinary herbs, and wildcraft for others, on our 30 acres of beautiful cropland, woods and wetlands. We use the plants and fruits that we grow to make a variety of delicious and healthy organic tonics, bitters, teas, and other wellness products.

Our Shrubs are concentrates made from a combination of organic fruit, sugar, vinegar and sometimes herbs.

Switchel is similar, though it always contains lots of spicy anti-inflammatory ginger and organic local maple or honey.

Fire Cider is our version of a traditional concoction of veggies, local honey, and herbs brewed up into a strong tonic that can be taken as a daily shot or used in a variety of foods.

Witch’s Brew is our newest vinegar tonic, made from a blend of herbs that support the immune and nervous systems; including Astragalus, Milky Oats, and Reishi mushroom, among others. In addition to the many benefits of being made with organic antioxidant and antiviral herbs, these are a great way to get your daily dose of apple cider vinegar. There are many reported benefits from regular consumption of apple cider vinegar, from aiding digestion to lowering cholesterol. Sweet with a hint of tartness, the vinegar and sugars balance each other to make an astonishingly good mixer. They are used to make a variety of drinks; from adding a splash to seltzer for a homemade organic soda, to a white wine spritzer, or your favorite cocktails. Add some to a vinaigrette, pour over ice cream, or spice up a marinade recipe; the options are endless!

Distribution: Our delivery runs are broken into geographic areas, and we deliver to each area on set days of the month. (Just give us a shout and we can let you know the delivery day for your area). Orders can also be picked up at the farm with advance notice. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we do our own deliveries and charge a $10 fee just to cover the costs, and do not work with a distributor at this point. We ship orders outside of our delivery areas using either USPS or FedEx, whichever is cheaper, and the recipient pays the costs of shipping.

To order: Orders can be placed by email at weathertopfarmny@gmail.com or text at 518-935-0940. You can always call us to ask questions but we prefer that you place orders in writing. Your orders are due one week before the delivery date. (for example, if the delivery day for your area is the third Thursday of the month, orders are due by 2nd Thursday). Minimum Order is $200

Payment Terms: We accept payment on delivery or Net 30 by check. Checks should be made payable to “Weathertop Farm LLC”. If you are paying by credit card add 2.5% to the total to cover processing fees. Late payment incurs a flat fee of $25. New orders will not be delivered until overdue invoices are settled.


*All herbs/fruit/sugar/teas use certified organic ingredients unless otherwise noted.

Prices effective 1.1.2021 & are subject to change without notice.